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6 Considerations for Safer Operations

When companies prioritize safe, healthy operations, they enable their people to bring their best to work.  

At Proudfoot, we take pride in putting safety at the forefront of everything we do while generating remarkable results for our clients. In 2018, our client Rio Tinto received a Highly Commended Award for Best International Project from MCA for our work in innovation and safety at Rio Tinto’s Oyu Tolgoi mine.   

As you seek to improve the safety and health of your organization, we suggest beginning with these six considerations for safer operations:  

6 Considerations_final copy

Safety-First Mindset 

Safety should be an integrated part of the DNA across any organization. Employees adopt a positive attitude towards safety and take responsibility for themselves and their colleagues when it is adopted by all. 

Integrated Planning 

Integrated Planning builds clear plans. All activities around safe operations should be communicated, planned, scheduled, and then executed. Safety plans should be communicated to everyone across the project and actions are well coordinated and controlled building safe operations.


#HeadsUP is being aware of what's happening around you. From where you are, where you are supposed to be, and the people around you it's how you keep operations safe. Stop, assess, and manage. Enable, engage and energize. 

Learning & Development 

Training and addressing gaps in knowledge, skills, and behavior is essential to safe operations. Learning how to build safe operations and document the process is extremely important.

Management Tools 

Effective decision making tools support predictable outcomes, structured collaboration, and disciplined execution. Determine your way of working and managing communication to make the right information available to the right people at the right time. 

Effective Leadership 

Safety is a priority at all management levels and does not get overtaken by pressures of production targets. #HeadsUP managers, supervisors, and team leaders ensure all work is safe and demonstrate an attitude of care towards the workforce. 


Learn more about how Proudfoot can help you achieve your safe operations goals by emailing