Robust people deliver robust results

Our programs create operational improvement and cultural change, and we like to ensure we link those changes to improved financial results. For more than seven decades, Proudfoot has been working with people, measuring and tracking the delivery of benefits we have committed to achieve with our clients.

Our consultants are different. They need to be as comfortable talking to a CEO as they are talking to a first-line supervisor.


Great results require great people

Where work gets done is where you will find the Proudfoot consultants working.  We also work in offices.


Where work is done 4Active ManagementProudfoot Consultant Turbine Room

Proudfoot Consultant MineWhere work is done 6Proudfoot Consultant working



How we create lasting change

New technology often attracts most management attention. Our people know successful transformation depends on the level of engagement and commitment of your people, along with how well you enable your people to embrace change, especially among front-line supervisory staff (the catalysts of transformation). So we need to be able to go where your people are working.

It is a people challenge, but it’s leadership’s people problem. If organizations are going to make transformation a reality, leaders need to take more concrete steps towards engaging the enthusiasm and participation of front-line managers and supervisors, enabling them to be successful.

Lasting change



Our people are proud to have achieved 100% of our commitments with clients.


Delivering a return on investment is only achieved through people. We work together to achieve results.

engagements breakeven

Our people have ensured that 91% of engagements breakeven during the first year.


Our people's strong relationships means 68% of our clients pursue at least one more assignment with us


Delivering results makes us all happy

first year benefits

We are all proud to deliver first-year benefits of $5.6B. That is what drives us. 


We work where work gets done

Many consulting firms tell you what you need to do to improve operations.

Few actually work with your organization at the point of execution.

Yes, we work with you and your leadership team, but we pay attention to those people at your front lines — supervisors, engineers, foremen, sales reps — where the work gets done.


This top-to-bottom engagement makes change stick.

Proudfoot engages your people to identify their challenges, those things needed to achieve your goals. 

Together, we draft your business case and project rationale for bottom-line results.

The team builds this joint approach for prototyping solutions and rapid implementation. It directly addresses critical behavioral changes and supporting management systems.

Your people own the case, the roadmap and the change, including how, with Proudfoot’s help, they can cash the check on those improvements.

This focuses your team on the real prize: results.

Your transformation experience begins with a simple question:

What if you could...

...with Proudfoot, you can.