Are you a Transformative Leader?

How do you inspire your teams? Here are some key phrases and intriguing videos that resonated with our clients this past year.

Teamwork: A major sustainable advantage

Helder Santos, Managing Director, Natural Resources, EMEAA
Do your employees volunteer for transformation?

Teamwork in your DNA for successful transformation.

Engaged employees who volunteer for transformation - that is the goal for the leading organizations we work with. Forcing change through top down corporate initiatives on people who are alreadyoverloaded is not the solution. Today’s leaders create the right workenvironment where a culture of continuous improvement andinnovation are part of the organization’s DNA. Strong governanceenables and leads transformation naturally, based on people working as one team. This is the ultimate competitive advantage. Processes are managed people are led!

Helder Santos
Managing Director, Natural Resources, EMEAA

Asking the Big Question:

What if you could lead transformation through teamwork and volunteerism?

Tips from the Proudfoot t-Lab

Transforming How You Transform

Here are three tips to tackle...

From TMOs to Grassroots t-Labs


Bring grassroots change through strong governance by introducing living, breathing, real- time, transformation laboratories (t-Labs), led by your people, where their work gets done. Experimenting, prototyping, measuring and marketing results in real-time sprints, with real- time results that evidence and demonstrate real change.

While popular management speaks of bureaucratically perceived centralized TransformationOffices filled with tick-the box schedules and activity over outcomes, successfultransformations are viewed as operational laboratories populated with teams working in your business. They spark innovative ideas and practices where it counts and implement them in real-time, where they work.

From Participation to Crowdsourcing


Elon Musk didn’t say ‘humans are underrated’ for nothing. He said it because he knows technology can only get you so far. Going the distance is powered by your people.

Leadership and technology are key but the killer app is how you enable your people for grassroots transformation. Transformation starts with aspiration and the journey to make it happen is your people.

It’s no longer just about participation, it’s about crowdsourcing. You want people to bring their world of ideas to your work. When you do that you can ask the question ‘how do we get a better outcome?’ not just “how do we make this work better?”

From Process Improvement to Hacking Your Business

When hackers strike they go around the traditional ways of working to make change happen. You don’t get large scale transformation through process improvement, you get it by Aerial Development.

Process mapping might achieve a better way of working today, but Aerial Mapping your end to end, side to side, bottom up and top down view of work, lets you see between the cracks and over the walls to how everything is connected. That gets real change.

Ban process mapping from your vocabulary and replace it with Aerial Development; onlythen can you look through a different lens to get different results; reinvent and reimaginehow work gets done, to enable a new level of results. Hack your business.

MRO: Keeping the world running

Dennis Santare, Managing Director, MRO, Americas
Are you leading with insight and intent?
"Great looking dashboards, scorecards, and graphs only add value if they provide insight that helps drive the organization. In Transformation, it's even more important for your data to provide insight as there will be a great deal of uncertainty to overcome. This uncertainty is an inevitable symptom of the steep rate of change your organization will be experiencing. Insight is the anchor around which you explore the next strategic position for your team."

Accelerated sustainable transformation

Fabien Jurdant, Managing Director, France
Are your transformation programmes built for the long term?

Our clients are faced with major transformation needs which they need installed in double quick time. However, speed should never be achieved at the expense of sustainability. At Proudfoot, we deliver quantified sustainable results through three core principles:

1. Our Co-venture" approach which ensures that solutions are co-developed and therefore owned by the organisation

2. People Solutions teams who carry out day to day operational coaching and training at all levels of the organisation

3. A formalised audit and continuous improvement system built around compliance

Digital Alignment

John Harms, Managing Director, Digital Ready, Americas
Are you ready to lead digital returns?
"With widespread uncertainty and demanding customers, executives are experimenting to better align their digital business. Front-line managers and team leaders must move quickly yet pivot nimbly in response to actual results. They are the energy behind your transformation. Concurrently, you must lead. But leadership today must take a different form — more innovative and enabling to achieve sustainable results and digital investment returns."

The Future of Work is Human

Jon Wylie, Global President, Natural Resources
How do we redesign work to impact culture and create organizations fit for the future?
Developing Soft Skills to Deliver Hard Results. "One of the challenges confronting organizations is the speed of change. More precisely the speed of innovation in technology vs the speed of innovation in management models and people skills. Organizations are challenged to implement "Big Change Now" or transformation, changing across many fronts at once. Our new thinking is about new models required to engage people in transformation by focusing on company culture. Our experience shows people want to participate in transformation but don't know how. Organizations succeeding at transformation are developing soft skills to create transformation capability and capacity to engage employees."

Learning the Language

Duncan Manuel, MD UK & MRO, Europe
How your choice of language can unlock the organization through creativity and innovation
IWI-headshots-Duncan-Manuel (1)-999698-edited

How your choice of language can unlock the organization through creativity and innovation.

Ever wondered how you can spark and nurture creativity and innovation within your organization?

What if you could? Here's an idea how...

PROBLEM: Many leaders get frustrated by a perceived lack of creative thinking and innovation within their organizations. "Why can't people think outside the box and come up with new ways of looking at things?"

IDEA IN BRIEF: All too often creativity is limited by the language used in response to an idea. Saying, "How is that going to work?" automatically puts the other party on the defense. Instead, try saying, "That's a really interesting idea. Come back to me with three options that demonstrate how this can be made a reality."

Modeling the Workflow through a Mine

JJ Van Pletzen, EVP Americas
How creating an optimal workflow for people, materials, and blasted material can improve safety and productivity.

How creating an optimal workflow for people, materials, and blasted material can improve safety and productivity.

Ever wondered if there was a way to model and optimize workflow between surface and workplace during the pre and feasibility phases of mine design? This would lay the foundation for an intrinsic resource optimization model during the mine’s life.

What if you could? Here’s an idea how...

PROBLEM: Many underground mines have attempted to optimize workflows. The consequence is that they tend to try to conflate outdated designs with the technology of the present and future – like trying to fit a square peg into a round hole.

IDEA IN BRIEF: What if you could utilize proven logistics modelling expertise from other sectors to create sophisticated workflow models? This could influence infrastructure design and equipment selection to ensure superior, safe, and productive operations for the life of the mine.

Tapping the Pool of Flexi-Workers

St. John Cameron, MD Asia
How creating an effective, mutually beneficial process for flexi-working can reduce dead time in full-time rostering models.

How creating an effective, mutually beneficial process for flexi-working can reduce dead time in full-time rostering models.

Ever wondered if there was a way to tap into the temporary workforce more effectively with a flexible model of engagement and rostering to improve productivity and reduce cost?

What if you could? Here is an idea how...

PROBLEM: In many hospitality businesses, the traditional rostering models lock in staff for full shifts. Consequently, this is wasteful for very short-cycle businesses with hour-by-hour demand peaks and dramatically reduces the pool of available talent in the community.

IDEA IN BRIEF: What if you developed a flexi-rostering model to match peak demands with available flexi-time skilled resources, linking rostering systems to a mobile talent availability App?

Collaborating with Competitors

Pamela Hackett, CEO
How joint, cross-company career development can solve your skills shortage and retention problem.

How joint, cross-company career development can solve your skills shortage and retention problem.

Ever wondered if there was a way to multiply your community talent pool to benefit your population and all the businesses in your community?

What if you could? Here’s an idea how….

PROBLEM: In many communities, labor shortages are stifling business performance. HR departments struggle to recruit and retain people.

IDEA IN BRIEF: What if you created a community-wide skills development program that rotated people through each business, while they learn the trades and roles at multiple companies, pursuing community careers while getting promoted to their next role?

Adopting Transparency

St. John Cameron, MD Asia
How being transparent regarding excess MRO stock can help diminished inventory levels.

How being transparent regarding excess MRO stock can help diminished inventory levels and reduce delays in aircraft maintenance by others with matching stock shortages.

Ever wondered if there was a way to share stock information to help ease shortages of long lead-time items or those in scarce supply?

What if you could? Here's an idea how...

PROBLEM: In many MROs, especially those servicing older fleets, partial shortages are having a critical effect on airline performance.

IDEA IN BRIEF: What if you developed an industry-wide "parts matching platform" that enabled excess stock to be matched to demand requests?

Measurement - A Foundation for Improvement

Jonathan Niquet, Finance Manager, EMEA
How creating an agreed referential across your company can improve your actions and business activity.
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How creating an agreed referential across your company can improve your actions and business activity by aligning the data from the production line to the finance department.

Ever wondered if there was a way to have one dashboard that you and your population agree on?

What if you could? Here's an idea how...

PROBLEM: In many industries from a production point of view, the financial KPIs are not aligned with the reality on the floor. Finance and Production departments struggle to agree on the right figures, particularly for KPIs in a manufacturing environment.

IDEA IN BRIEF: What if you developed a unique, referential, one-data development program that generates clear visibility on your dashboard and is directly linked to your financial results, providing the right leverage at the right time?

Measurement Provides Confidence in Results

Duncan Manuel, Managing Director, UK
Can you measure your results through the operation and into your P&L?
IWI-headshots-Duncan-Manuel (1)-999698-edited
Measurement Provides Confidence in Results

"At the heart of any client-consultant relationship should be a commitment to quantifiable outcomes. If a client can't measure the effect of an engagement, then what have they bought?"

There is a future for jobs - let's get ready for it.

Cay Mims, Managing Director, Natural Resources, Americas
How are you enabling your people for the future of work
CayMims (1)-210423-edited
People are our ultimate thinking-asset, capable of constant innovation. So much more than a 'pair of hands.' To move from traditional to new ways of working, we need to change the way we think, lead, hire, and develop. This will require selecting for foundational skills like collaboration, critical thinking, creativity, and coaching as well as technical skills. The groups that develop a coaching culture and allocate leadership that thinks and acts this way will enable a new set of players to win gains we haven't even dreamed yet.

The Human Industry 4.0

Phil Alessi, Managing Director, Industrials, Americas
Are you leading the new industrial revolution?
"A brilliant strategy is only illuminated by solid execution. Developing a change capable culture is the key to deliver on your intent."

Own Your Asset Reliability

Dennis Santare, MD North America
Ever wondered if you could maintain the advantages of outsourcing your asset maintenance while more efficiently controlling costs and improving your fleet’s reliability?
Dennis HS Thumbnail-988606-edited

How reclaiming control over your asset reliability can keep down costs and drive maintenance excellence.

Ever wondered if you could maintain the advantages of outsourcing your asset maintenance while more efficiently controlling costs and improving your fleet’s reliability?

What if you could? Here's an idea how...

PROBLEM: Many asset owners rely so heavily on third-party MROs that they are effectively outsourcing the responsibility of their own asset’s reliability. Going as far as outsourcing the analysis and oversight of their maintenance departments, it’s easy to lose control over assets with such “zero touch labor.” While third-party contracts attempt to control costs and ”share the pain” of operational impacts, many outsourcing agreements can actually incentivize the wrong behaviors in suppliers, and none can substitute for taking control of your own fleet.

IDEA IN BRIEF: Strategically insourcing functions like warranty management, maintenance planning, reliability engineering, and work scoping or configuration can help you balance cost-effective maintenance with ownership of your asset reliability

Time - a most valuable asset

St. John Cameron, Managing Director, Asia
Is your day to set to be the perfect day?
MRO Leaders around the world all face the common challenge of TIME. LOST time is all around us every day, some of it obvious, such as aircraft standing idle waiting for parts or manpower or failure to complete tasks on time. But most lost time is hidden. For example, rework, duplication of roles, unnecessary process steps, overcrewing, pacing of work, unnecessary moves, and hundreds of other minutes than can be recovered back into the operations to increase capacity and dramatically reduce turnaround time. Recovering LOST TIME requires a transformation in the way we set up our day to be the perfect day.

Continuous, practical and frugal innovation - the bedrock of success

JJ van Pletzen, Vice President, Solution Design Americas and Natural Resources
Are you leading for continuous, practical, frugal innovation?

CONTINUOUS: The secret to success is perseverance and grit. Engaging people at all levels is not a one time or occasional thing, it is an all time thing. A continuous engaged workforce is more likely to actively look for opportunities to improve performance and these small, multiple and continuous improvements add up to a real game changer. This is the building blocks and incubator in creating safe and innovative organizations. The continuous improvement journey provides the opportunity "retries" which can lead to tipping point innovation.

PRACTICAL: Getting the basics right and executing the basics flawlessly is the first step on an organization's innovation journey. Glossy gadgets and sexy technology are only innovative when it improves performance.

FRUGAL: This is the absence of waste and irrelevance. Real innovation improves safety, reduce waste and improve performance. Caveat emptor when you come across someone trying to find an application for an innovative idea.

INNOVATION: Potentially one of the most powerful forces known to us. It can safe and improve lives, disrupt entire industries and change our paradigms on how we see the world when cultivated and harvested appropriately. Continuous, practical and frugal innovation is worth pursuing with a measure of passion and bountiful, single minded determination.

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