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The Future of the Water Industry is (Still) People
Proudfoot helps the world’s top utility companies outperform their peers

Our clients engage Proudfoot when they need to rapidly improve their operational, customer and financial results.

Typical transformation engagements are cost neutral within the year, and currently deliver an annualised return on investment in excess of 4:1.

We work shoulder-to-shoulder with your teams to accelerate the delivery of your AMP7 commitments
Areas of impact
  • Drive innovation and operational performance improvement
  • Reduce customer response times and improve overall satisfaction
  • Eliminate non-core, non-value activities
  • Increase employee engagement, alignment and ownership
  • Reduce working capital and procurement costs, with an increase in inventory turns
Proudfoot enables you to:
1. Optimise efficiencies, and start delivering your AMP7 commitments now
2. Our transformational approach is focused on people; engaging your teams, enabling them and  energising them to innovate and deliver, for today, tomorrow and for the future.
3. Move complexity out of your operation, delivering lower cost structures and higher throughput and quality
4. Put customer delivery and C-MeX at the heart of where your teams work, from contact centre to the field
5. Leverage innovation, and make it real in the workplace